Taking a classic rock hit for a soulful, bluesy spin.

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USE ME by Luna Jade

A fresh new take on Bill Withers' iconic hit.
Classic funky soul with a modern edgy groove.

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A new original release from Luna Jade.
1 song, 3 versions (exploring the musical "what if?" )

AND SO GOES MY HEART by Luna Jade - available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and more

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and other popular digital distribution and streaming sites.

more releases to come...

recording, audio engineering, vocals, production, etc. by yours truly.
I’ve been a bit busy ;)


O HOLY NIGHT, by Luna Jade/Toxic Minds - A soaring rock version of Christmas Classic
Available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play,
and many other digital music sites.

Watch the O Holy Night promo video on YouTube.

DARK WITHIN, New release for Halloween 2015!
Seductively dark ambient electronica with a haunting vocal and lyrics.
More about the release here.

SEA OF SILENCE, the new single by Luna Jade,
is available on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play, and many other digital music sites.
More about the release here.

Watch the Sea of Silence promo video on YouTube.

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Eclectic Artist

Creating multi-dimensional art for the ears, eyes...  and soul


An accomplished professional vocalist, songwriter, musician, producer, and recording artist with an expansive vocal and stylistic range, Luna Jade has been creating and performing music all her life.

The daughter of a gifted jazz musician and talented painter & visual artist, Luna inherited a rich musical and artistic legacy, igniting her eclectic nature and sparking a life-long artistic exploration. Her rich, multi-textured voice creates beautiful tapestries of sound. She has been voted a top five finalist in the SingerUniverse Magazine Best Vocalist Contest, her original songs have been chosen as one of the top 5 songs in the SongwriterUniverse Magazine Best Songs contest and have been awarded Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest. Her recordings, original and cover, have been featured repeatedly on various radio networks, including Women of Substance Radio, where her performances went into rotation on a holiday playlist that included Lady Antebellum, Norah Jones, and Melissa Manchester. Apart from her songwriting as an original Indie artist, Luna also composes, records, & produces music for commercial and soundtrack purposes (corporate, advertising, film, video, etc.) on a contract and stock library basis - as artist and engineer.

Luna Jade ~

A native New Yorker now transplanted to Florida, Luna spent many years in the spotlight as a lead vocalist for some of Manhattan's top event bands and society orchestras - at times literally performing for presidents and kings. During her ever-evolving career, Luna has shared the stage with Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, and Foreigner's Mick Jones, opened for artists ranging from Tony Bennett to Barry Manilow, and has appeared onstage as a backup vocalist for Ambrosia's David Pack, Wayne Nelson from the Little River Band, and Bad Company's Brian Howe... a testament to her vocal versatility.

Raised in a home rich with music and art, Luna was blessed to have varied creative influences from an early age. This inspirational environment provided a fertile planting ground to nurture her artistic growth and expression, which she has built upon through extensive classical training early on and years of ongoing self-study, seasoned by countless gigs in venues ranging from smoky nightclubs to a Presidential Inauguration. The result is an artist whose attitude can be summed up as “no limits,” with a writing style as eclectic and powerful as her vocal style. Luna’s ongoing musical projects range from contemporary soul and R&B to industrial and gothic metal; from acoustic ukulele music to world beat and jazz – or, as Buzz Lightyear says, “To infinity and beyond!”

360° artist

Vocalist / songwriter / photographer / poet / writer / visual artist / . . .
different dances, same danseuse

A powerful, emotive singer/songwriter with a voice that "can breathe fire one minute and wrap languidly around a dulcet note the next," Luna's vocal style deftly spans the sonic spectrum - from the blue-eyed soul of Michael McDonald to the versatility of Eva Cassidy with a bit of Steven Tyler's rock cojones thrown in.

She paints with her voice, using the many varied hues in her palette, infusing her music with her unique viscerally soulful sound...

Writing songs to inspire, heal & make you think while rocking you to your soul.

Luna's gift for eclectic artistic expression extends to the visual and written realm. Luna sees with the vision of a creative soul... making real the imaginings of her inner spirit, capturing the beauty of life and the world around us, interpreting and expressing it through her photography - Nature & Fine Art and Event & Lifestyle - and her artwork. Luna's words - poetry, prose, lyrics - are the musings of her soul and mind, laid bare.

An artist of multi-faceted expression fascinated with new vistas, Luna continues to explore and share her ever-evolving voice.


Artistic Dimensions

Click image for slideshow

Music Outreach

Healing and connecting beyond words...

As she has evolved her artistic expression, Luna's love for singing and performing has taken a more conscious, caring, and connecting path... for her, this is what being an artist is truly about.

"I think the most deeply rewarding and soul-fulfilling aspect of being an artist - a vocalist, songwriter, musician, writer, etc. - is the opportunity to touch another soul in a positive way. Each experience is a blessing. I believe that this is an important part of our purpose and each time we accomplish that, we have succeeded in bringing a little more light into this world. This is our true gift."

In recent years, Luna has added a new dimension, applying her talents toward one of her passions: music healing. Luna's training and experience as a Bioenergy Healing therapist affords her a unique perspective on incorporating the energy of healing into the musical outreach of her singing, songwriting and performances... Bioenergetic Music Healing. She believes in sharing the healing energy of music with those who need it most, in both group and individual settings... from giving concerts at VA Hospitals and other local patient care organizations to performing bedside for individual patients and their families. Luna has also worked with national non-profit "Musicians On Call," where she joins a caring group of volunteer performers including Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, and Darius Rucker.

Following her heart, she continues to expand her exploration and experience in how music can be applied as a healing art. Check in again for updates as this unfolds.

"I come away from each experience with a heart at once exalted and humbled... and I am reminded why I was given this voice and the most precious way I can use it."

Dispersing Light through a Vocal Prism.

Luna also performs for the joy of it and has been a popular performer at regional Ukulele festivals.



Music & Words

Music is energy and connection...
aurally and viscerally communicated, shared, absorbed and felt.

Luna Jade

Find the light within
and let it shine.

Luna Jade

Photography and Art    Share Luna Jade on FaceBook

Visual Artist

Adventures in the visual and physical artistic realm.

To create is to be truly alive

The expression of art has many faces and moods:
To craft something anew, to take what is and mold it into more than it was, or to combine the new with the old... all of these possibilities are made real by an artist's vision.

Embracing the creative chaos

Luna is guided by a muse with many voices, ranging from the deeply technical to the beautifully artistic.

As she listens to whatever song is whispered in her ear, whatever divine impulse flashes within at any given time, she is perpetually and eclectically creatively engaged.

It makes for a very interesting existence.

Luna's Art

Beauty Suspended

Beauty Suspended photography slideshow - opens in new window
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images of time, space, and emotion... lovingly captured

A photo is a fleeting moment in time, captured and frozen, so that after the moment passes, it remains suspended; its beauty, meaning and power forever preserved.

Beauty Suspended features Luna's Fine Art photography and digital design work. Although apt to explore many different visual topics, she is particularly drawn to photographing the natural world... the beauty in the world around us and the divine creatures we share this planet with.

Visit the Beauty Suspended Photography gallery.


Luna Jade

Luna Jade Photography slideshow - opens in a new window
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Lifestyle and Entertainment Photography with an Artist’s Eye.

Music, the creation and performance of it, is one of her deepest passions; capturing images of the magic happening on stage and in life is another.

Life is Art.

With the eye and instincts of a professional musician and live performer, Luna resonates with the experience, capturing the dynamic energy and subtle nuances of the artists and their performance.

Visit the Luna Jade Photography gallery.

LunaRox Wearable Art

Luna Jade Beadwork Photography slideshow - opens in a new window
Click image for slideshow

beauty, beads, and bling... crafted with love

Every artist has within them the need to create a tangible expression of the beauty that they perceive.

Luna weaves and sculpts her beadwork and jewelry designs into the physical embodiments of her artistic visions. Each object imbued with her love and spirit.

More about Luna's beadwork Art


Luna Jade ~ Digital Design gallery slideshow - opens in a new window
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Graphics Design and Digital Dalliances

With the eye of an artist casting her vision on the digital world, Luna calls upon her artistic sensibilities to design and create visual elements and interfaces for her digital creations.

Custom web graphics and interfaces, digital art, logo design, etc... Luna's creations span the digital spectrum.

Visit the digital design gallery.



Beauty Suspended Photography Visual Poetry slideshow - opens in a new window
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Dimensional poetry for the eyes and mind

Creations that combine two of Luna's passions of expression... her words and imagery.

Visit the Visual Poetry gallery.



LunaLit Publishing Design slideshow - opens in a new window
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LunaLit Quality Ebook Formatting and Design

LunaLit is a high-quality provider of eBook formatting and design services. We format and render eBooks in a wide variety of formats, including mobi, ePub, LIT, PDF, etc.

Additional design services are also available, such as Cover design, custom chapter graphics and more.

Visit the LunaLit Publishing Design gallery.

Hand-drawn Artwork

Luna Jade Hand-drawn artwork slideshow - opens in a new window
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sketching the life creative

Luna's explorations into different mediums of expression… an ongoing artistic adventure.

More about Luna's hand-drawn Art

In all of us, whether we consciously know it or not, there are seeds of incandescence planted within, waiting for their chance to burst forth in blinding brilliance.

Luna Jade

They may be hovering close to the surface... or they may be nestled deep inside (some of the finest treasures are buried deeply).

Luna Jade

Go on an inner treasure hunt for your luminous seedling and nurture the flame into full being.

And as you shine, watch those around you light up from contact glow. It can be contagious.

Luna Jade

Luna Seen

different views... different hues

For video: Visit Luna's Video Channel on YouTube

The gallery is best viewed in portrait orientation.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

Marianne Williamson

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Marianne Williamson



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